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Donna Peterson, DM

Donna has worked at LaVerna Village for twenty five years as a CNA, activity assistant, & Restorative Coordinator. IN 2001 she took the position as Dietary Manager; taking the Dietary Managers course through the University of North Dakota and became certified. Donna has one daughter, Stephanie who works with her in dietary.

Welcome to the LaVerna Village Dietary Department! Here you’ll be able to learn about the day-to-day operations of our kitchen and dietary staff as well as the most important question…what’s to eat?! Our monthly menu is available to download for family members and loved ones that might be interested in what our menu will be for the next month. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to print the menu on your printer at home or work.

New Menus
The new spring/summer menus
began in May. We will be trying each
recipe at least once. If there are meals
that many residents do not care for,
let Donna in dietary know, or come to
the Resident Council meeting, so
changes can be made. On the new
menu, we will be serving a lot of fresh
fruit and more summer-like foods,
such as salads and hamburgers. If
there is something that you would
like to have that is not on the menus,
bring it up at Resident Council when
we vote on Meal of the Month.

Check out our menu for the month HERE

North end of our Dining Room

Dining Experience
As everyone has noticed, the dining process has changed to offer more choices in dining times. Meals are now
served at the following times:
Breakfast 7am-9am
• Lunch 11am-1pm
• Supper 4pm-6pm

The hall trays are served after the dining room is served. If residents don’t like either entrée, we also have grilled cheese, peanut butter/jelly, tomato soup, veg. soup or chicken noodle soup, and cottage cheese. Frequently in the summer we will have other choices such as chicken salad or pimento cheese. On the halls, a variety of snacks are kept in the kitchenettes----ice cream, pudding, yogurts, peanut butter/ jelly, crackers, bread , cheese slices, graham crackers, vanilla wafers, juices, milk.

If you or a loved one has a craving for a special treat from home, we encourage you to bring it providing that there are no medical reasons temporarily preventing you or your loved one from having regular food at the time. If that is the case, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you as best as we can.

Rise & Shine!

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we believe it! At LaVerna Village, residents have the option to enjoy a daily breakfast with a full spread every morning, including eggs, potatoes, toast, meat, fruits, biscuits & gravy, juice, coffee and more available to select from; residents are able to enjoy reading the paper and socializing while enjoying a delicious breakfast at their leisure every morning. During this period, residents have the choice to sleep in and come to breakfast when they wish, or stay on their floor and enjoy a pre-selected breakfast menu.

We’re Here To Serve You

Each resident can rest assured that their diet will be customized to their needs and condition as each resident is assessed by our dietary and therapy staffs upon admission. This way, residents with special needs are still able to enjoy the same variety of meals that a resident with a regular diet would have.

If you happen to have a diabetic condition, there is no need to worry. Our meals are customized to respect your needs as well, without taking away from your choices when it’s time to eat. Should you happen to still be hungry after a meal, double portions may be available upon request. If you have special dietary needs, our staff is happy to accommodate your needs!

Put Our Service To The Test

At LaVerna Village, part of ensuring excellence in quality of care is by taking the extra step in making sure that your needs are not just met, but exceeded. That’s why our dietary staff continues to make plans for upcoming changes to the way we offer our selections. We look to expand our lunch and dinner menus and to offer lighter lunches such as “Soup & Salad” for those that like to maintain a light lunch schedule. However, for those that enjoy a bit of a snack here and there, there are a select amount of foods available in-between meals and midnight snacks available for those that enjoy going to bed after the late show.

In any case, our diverse menus and large selection at meals offer our residents the option to enjoy healthy and delicious meals every day of the week.